Web Design



Our services include starter websites, e-Commerce websites, Content management system, and redesigning websites. We have a good track record in developing College Websites and and E-learning systems. Our Websites designs start at as little as £74.99.

Database Design




We develop database solutions tailored to our clients exact requirements. These include standalone database application, multi-user database application for both small and large large businesses. Starting from £299.99

Logo Design




We provide professional logo designs for both small and large businesses. Our logo designs starts from as little as £24.99.


We provide web development services (web design & development, logo design and database design) for small and large businesses. Our designs are affordable and competitively priced. Our pricing have no hidden costs, and no restrictive terms. We provide a very efficient and fast services to our client throughout Europe. Our staff have over 10 year web design experience, which are translated into the quality of our designs.




IceBori Designs finished my website in days. They are fast and reliable. I will recommend them to anyone who needs a quick and reliable service. [Onyinx Building Services]


We used IceBori Designs for our website. They are reliable and their pricing is amazingly execellent. Our website maintainance is made easier with just a email. [ lcstweb.eu ]